Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are bookings of less than 6 nights accepted more than 30 days in advance of a booking date?
    No. Bookings of less than 6 nights are not accepted more than 30 days in advance, especially AROUND MAJOR HOLIDAYS!
  • What is the booking season?
    Year round. January thru March at special request and only for 5 nights or more due to winterization effort.
  •  What are the minimum number of nights I could book?
    Two (2). You could stay less nights but you would need to pay for two (2) nights.
  • Are pets allowed?
    Yes. The guest is responsible for any pet caused damages to the property. Pet fee applies. 
  • Is Internet access available?
    Yes. The main cabin has a strong wifi signal. The other 2 cabins rely on a boosted signal and are not as reliable. 
  • Are weddings allowed?
    Yes. Fees are based on the size of the invite list. We do not provide catering, music, tables, tents, etc. We do provide an outdoor “chapel” with seating for approximately 60 guests. It is highly recommended that those interested in hosting a wedding at the property book it for a weekend to ensure the layout of the land, the entertaining space, and overall “feel” of the property is suitable.