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Nancy was a pretty young woman who is said to have taken her own life while a guest at the Shamrock House on the evening of May 13, 1927. We have been told that she and her two girl friends were hired to provide “upstairs entertainment” for a party and when called on to do so, Nancy had second thoughts and refused to go thru with the arrangement. Her girlfriends and the host tried to talk her into going thru with the arrangement but Nancy would have none of it and locked herself in one of the upstairs bedrooms. That room is now called Nancy’s Room.

Word soon came that Nancy’s father had learned what was supposed to be going on and that he was on his way to retrieve Nancy. Nancy’s father was nobody to be messed with as he was a hard bitten fire and brimstone circuit riding preacher man who was as quick to pull out and use his 44 Colt as he was to reach for his Bible. Nancy apparently panicked at the news of her father’s pending arrival and took an overdose of laudanum, an opium product that was readily available back in those days.

The information on where Nancy is buried varies. Some folks claim that her father took her body back down the mountain for a proper burial and some say that she is buried near the house. Look for the undressed stone located slightly down the hill more or less in-line with the propane tank.

In any event, her ghost is said to still linger and several people have reported hearing a women softly crying in the night, unaccounted for footsteps, inexplicable cold spots, fleeting apparitions and also doors opening and closing and lights turning on and off for no apparent reason. One such person is the grandson of Romaine Johnson. Mrs. Johnson is the proprietor of Bob’s Place which you pass when driving up and down the mountain. Stop in and she would be happy to talk to you about Nancy and other local lore.

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