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December 2012 - End of Times?

We began receiving December 2012 inquiries in early 2011 from people who are concerned that the world as we know it might actually come to an end on 12/21/2012. Those people were seeking a location in which they could hold up and possibly survive whatever might transpire in the period leading up to and beyond the ending of the Mayan Calendar. The Shamrock House is a place that time has had very little impact on and we believe it is a great place to get away from and avoid the doings of the outside world.  We want to accommodate 12/21/2012 believers but have a limited amount of space for bookings and will not be able to accommodate all who might seek refuge at The Shamrock House.

Our free market solution to the anticipated unusually high demand for December 2012 bookings is to accept booking bids up until Thanksgiving at which time the high bidder will be notified. We only want serious bidders so all bids must be accompanied by a deposit of 10% of the bid amount or $250.00, whichever amount is the largest. The bid deposits of unsuccessful bidders will be returned, providing however, that we can do so before the End of Times. We will not pay interest on deposits!

As higher bids come in we will notify previous bidders so that they might either increase their bid or request a refund.

Please call Walter at 843-744-2863 during normal business hours for further information.

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